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Student Assistance Program (SAP)

Student assistance program is designed to assist the students who are planning to come or are new in Germany for higher education purpose. It helps the students to overcome barriers where they find it difficult to get the information. The core of the program is to solve the queries of students and help them with a smooth start in whatever way we can. The student assistance team members do not deal with official or managerial issues but guide or provide suitable references to tackle the issues. 

Following are some of the areas where we provide our support 

  • Guidance to the process of searching and applying to universities. 

  • Information and guidance for the accommodation. 

  • Arranging on-arrival support as per the availability of resources. 

  • General daily life information such as halal food possibilities, masjids, Muslim community, ways to handle the cultural differences, insurances, taxes etc. 

  • Guidance and best approaches to acquire student jobs. 

  • Guidance for Internships. 

  • Student Meetups 

  • Company referrals for full time jobs. 

  • Visa change support after completing studies. 

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