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Our Work

IM-FRA has been consistently working towards covering all the areas wherein our community needs help. By keeping this in mind we have initiated the below projects and it has been running successfully from the time the group started.


IM-FRA always has the vision to bring together and unite our Indian Muslims living in Frankfurt, Hessen region. Our get-together programs and initiatives offer ways for individuals and families to have fun together, encourage Islamic gatherings like Eid prayers, and Dars and welcome and embrace newcomers.

Islamic Events

The Islamic Events on a Virtual Platform are organized by IM-FRA for the Indian Muslims living in Germany. This initiative has been taken in order to increase Islamic knowledge within each of us, to increase the understanding of Islam in the light of Quran & Sunnah and to help us stay connected with Deen & bring Islamic atmosphere in our daily lives and at home.


Expert Talk

The ‘Expert Talk’ is a program in which speakers are invited to present and enlighten the audience on the given subject. Each invited speaker is an outstanding professional in their specialised areas of expertise and experienced in dealing with the given topic so the audience is getting the most current and effective insights.


IM-FRA organizes multiple weekly, monthly, and seasonal sports to encourage our group members to join such sports and to keep themself engaged in one of the fitness activities.

Jobseeker Assistance Program (JSAP)

Idea of this program was to connect the members whose company was looking for profiles to the jobseeker candidates who were actively looking for jobs. It's like a mentor and mentee program.

Student Assistance Program (SAP): 

Student assistance program is designed to assist the students who are planning to come or are new in Germany for higher education purpose. It helps the students to overcome barriers where they find it difficult to get the information.

Relocation Assistance Program (RAP)

The aim of this program is to help people in finding a better place to stay, help them in finding schools for children, registration, and queries related to applying for a residence permit.

Community Center

Alhamdulillah, IM-FRA has initiated a call for setting up the first of its own community centre / Masjid Project in Frankfurt. It will be one of the central locations for our Indian Muslims living in Hessen state.

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